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Here are only a few examples of the tools, technologies and methodologies that we utilize in our production work. Click on a item listed below for additional information.

Revolution Coper

Revolution Coper Coping SystemControlled Automation is proud to introduce the Revolution coper. This robotic coping system is provided with multiple tools to provide the maximum flexibility. This machine has both a high definition plasma torch with auto gas control, and oxy-fuel torch. The automated tool changer selects which tool to use based on the thickness of material and design of the cope. The Revolution Coper has a 48-in. by 24-in. -material cutting window. The maximum plate thickness it can cut using plasma is 2 inches and 6 inches with oxy-fuel. The maximum material weight it can handle is 1,000 lb. per ft. The Revolution Coper will process cut tube or pipe, structural I-beams, flat bar or angled material up to 48 in. wide.


Beam-Line Fabrication MachineOur Beam Fabrication machine is a high speed, large capacity beamline for processing beams and channels. High speed motors, continuous material clamping and probing, along with sophisticated servo and valve positioning software set this beamline apart from the competition. Its PC based control system gives us an economical and seamless interface with our office programming system.


Hem Saw-Line WF-190 MachineThe Hem Saw WF-190 is built with an innovative double column design with 9.2-degree positive blade angle. Using less vibration of material the blade accurately cutes wide flange material without pinching. Due to its 15 horsepower band motor and 5 horsepower hydraulic system, the band saw increases production with faster cutting time. The band saw has a capacity to cut 25-inch round, and 40 inch flat. Safer and more economical than cold saws, this equipment allows for smoother/more accurate transfer of material

Elite Beam Coping Machine

Elite Beam Coping Machine ECM-2048/5This ECM-2048/5, 5-axis machine torch can cut either top or bottom flange. This flange torch can cut flanges up to a maximum height of 20. Rapid up and down travel, and variable speed adjustments allow for faster more precise production. The Elite Beam Coping Machine is capable of straight cutting, bevel across the flange, flange thinning and moment connections, beam splitting, and plate cutting.


MultiMAX Cutting MachineThe MultiMAX cutting machine is designed for up to a maximum of 12 cutting tools on a single gantry for the maximum speed and efficiency. This shape cutting machine can be equipped with a varying number of plasma and/or oxy-fuel torches, each available with automatic gas control. The plasma system of choice may be high definition or conventional. This machine is usually supplied to process material 6' to 20' and able to process lengths from 13' to 50' long.

Burny 5 Shape Cutter

Burny 5 Shape CutterThe Burny 5 CNC is an extremely intelligent, versatile shape cutting operation. Its standard 512K memory, graphic jog positioning, real time graphic cutter, and graphic nesting allow for maximum plate utilization. This equipment sets up production quickly with menu-driven user-friendly controls. You'll save more with the precision tolerances, consistent accuracy and tighter nesting for even less scrap.

Angle Machine

Angle Machine: ABL-100 Bar LineThe ABL-100 Bar Line is a high speed, large capacity angleline for running angle and flat bar material. Its high speed servo motors, continuous probing and clamping, and sophisticated servo and valve positioning software make it not only fast but more accurate. The PC based control system gives you an economical and seamless interface with our office programming system.


Our AccurShear is a heavy, durable machine with low rake angles, and fast cycle times. Our Accurshear includes the powerful quarter inch by 12 foot shear weighing 21,000 pounds capable of 20 full strokes per minute. And the new MR control provides the most CNC features of any machine on the market.

Plate Duplicator

2AT-175 Plate Punch DuplicatorThe 2AT-175 Plate Punch is a powerful plate duplicating machine. Its large table, powerful grippers, and high punch capacity allow it to handle your largest plate needs. The PC based control system gives you an economical and seamless interface with our office programming system.


R-1 to R-6 Roundo Models: Section Bending MachinesThe R-1 to R-6 models of ROUNDO section bending machines are basic machines with a strong and rigid design. The three bending shafts are journalled in heavy SKF bearings. The top roll is equipped with a slip clutch, compensating for the difference in speed of the inner and outer diameters of the section being bend. Mechanically operated guide rolls, which facilitate bending of non-symmetrical sections, especially angles, are standard equipment.

-Basic section bending machine for all types of section bending.
-Guide rolls, manually adjusted, fixed to the swing arms.
-Capacity: section modulus 4 – 96 cm³ (0,24 - 7,0 in.³) depending on size.
-Diameter of rolls 175 – 440 mm (6-7/8" - 17-3/8") depending on size.

Drill Line PCD-1100

Drill Line PCD 1100 The NEW Peddinghaus Advantage PCD-1100 Beam Drill Line is the latest development in the Peddinghaus Beam Drill Line Arsenal. This Multi-Spindle CNC automated Drill Line is equipped with three 13.5 HP hydraulic spindles, Carbide Marking, and Rollerfeed measuring.